Our Crew


John CoghlanOwner & Designer

After graduating with a degree in International Business, John spent eight years learning Spanish and pursuing social-focused businesses in areas dealing with systemic poverty. That journey led him to studying permaculture at the Bullock’s Homestead on Orcas Island with his wife in 2011.  In the summer of 2012 John completed an intensive course in edible forest gardening with Dave Jacke.

To continue his education in natural systems and wildlife processes, John moved to Vashon Island, where he puts a practical application to his studies in edible forest gardening, mushroom cultivation and integrated holistic landscape design. John’s main concern is designing and building gardens that people can use for food, pleasure and medicine. John enjoys soccer and bicycling.  He and his wife have two young daughters, who specialize in eating berries and digging holes in the garden.

Special expertise: Permaculture, Food Forests, and Edible landscape design.  Plant education. Spanish.


img_3452Aaron Webb

Aaron is interested in helping to create a harmonious relationship between people and the environment and sees permaculture and sustainable practices as an important part in realizing this goal.
He has been involved in permaculture landscaping and ecological restoration for numerous years in many different locales including the Pacific Northwest, the Desert Southwest, mountainous and tropical regions.
Aaron’s passions include being in nature, hiking, vegetable gardening, and reading.
In addition to taking a permaculture design course and one year internship with the Bullock Brothers on Orcas Island, Aaron has also taken courses and applied what he has learned on rainwater harvesting, the soil food web, biodynamic farming, and quantum agriculture.
 Paul Brietling
Paul is originally from Germany but grew up mostly in the Seattle area. He grew up loving the outdoors and has always felt connected to nature. Starting to rock climb deepened his relationship with the Pacific Northwest wilderness and eventually led him to permaculture. Paul is now an aspiring homesteader and loves transforming urban spaces into naturally flourishing gardens.

img_3467Julia Trippel

Julia’s first gardening experience was removing asphalt in her family’s backyard with other 10 year olds using croquet mallets found left out for trash on the street. She loved planting beans, carrots and tomatoes and watching them grow! Her first landscaping job was on the grounds crew of the Scott Arboretum on the campus of Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. After studying tropical ecology in Costa Rica, she wrote her undergraduate thesis on the ways in which indigenous methods of organic agriculture are more efficient than petroleum-based, colonizing/settler methods. With an MBA in sustainable business from Pinchot/Presidio, Julia is thrilled to bring all these passions together for HGO!



Maimoona Rahim

mai graduated from Alfred University and moved to Seattle in 2015. When she’s not digging up weeds and cutting plants, she’s arting hard and biking far. mai first got her hands in the dirt when she began wwoofing [world wide opportunities on organic farms] on organic farms and homesteads in 2013. she’s very interested in herbs, flowers and bees.


img_3463Lawrence Gennett






Joe Anderson

Joe graduated from Evergreen State College in 2016 and is passionate about sustainable design, edible gardening, and permaculture.


Elle is from Austin and moved to Seattle in 2015 after finishing her studies at Texas State University. Leaving behind a meadow she designed at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center as a final project in Tejas. She enjoys building outside and creating structures within a garden space.  Navajo style Tipis with salvaged textiles were her first works. Lately her focus has been working with collected plant materials from her yard and even some of HGO’s clients offerings. Bamboo harvests from one client has provided enough material for a few temples and arched spaces.