🌊Ponds: Pretty and Powerful Ecological Additions🌿

💧One alternative option for rainwater harvesting is to consider adding a pond to your land! Small ponds can hold thousands of gallons of water and offer other benefits besides a water reserve. Ponds attract and support wildlife, generate additional reflected light for tree crops, and are beautiful.

🐖To create a waterproof seal for this pond we will later be enlisting the help of a small group of pigs! They stomp and wallow in the mud, and with the addition of horse manure and straw have been used to seal ponds for centuries in Europe and Asia.

🌿Did you know that adding a pond as a water catchment and ecosystem diversification option can result in volunteers in that body of water? A volunteer is a plant that grows on its own, rather than being deliberately planted by the gardener. This can occur from seeds being dropped by birds or floating on the wind. Nature just needed a little help, and now this pond is very diverse! Marsh speedwell is just one plant that has made this pond its home, and it has leaves that can be harvested as an edible.

🦦These adorable river otters were spotted in North Seattle, playing and hunting in a man-made pond. Though seldom seen, river otters are relatively common throughout Washington in ponds, lakes, rivers, sloughs, estuaries, bays, and in open waters along the coast.🐾

Here’s an older urban pond project: the water adds a special touch to shift this backyard into an oasis of reflection and serenity.🙏✨

Reach out via hello@hg-organics or give us a call at (206) 498-8785 to learn about installing a pond of your very own!🌿🌎💚

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