❄️Winter Wonderland Garden Care🌬️

If you had vulnerable plants outside in the snow, try not to panic! Succulents may look a little flat or upset, but often will come back fine in spring. Snow can weigh down branches and cause breakage or weakening, so be careful when assessing your garden’s condition and be sure to look/listen up. Any remaining snow could be brushed off of vulnerable trees and shrubs with a broom (or your hand).


Depending on the temperature, snow can actually act as an insulator (if it doesn’t freeze) and keep your plants at 32 degrees. So it can be okay to let the snow be if it doesn’t seem like the temperature is going to drop dramatically. If you’re very worried about more semi-tender plants with more incoming fluffy weather, you can wrap them in frost fabric (a protective, breathable white cloth) or an anchored sheet, and heavily mulch. Potted plants will be more vulnerable to the cold as they are higher above the ground and less insulated. Consider bringing them into the garage or wrapping them in a blanket or sheet as well.


Turning the pumps off of water features is also a great idea, returning them to normal operation after the thaw. Walking on frozen groundcover (or any plants) can kill them, so avoid that if possible. If plants have fallen over or are doing the limbo, try straightening them out and tying them with garden tape or staking the plants. Some less hardy or newer plants might get frost burn – try waiting until spring to prune the dead parts away and they will likely be able to recover. Be safe out there, and remember to have fun!❄️🌿☃️


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