Saturday, Sept. 14th 10am – 12pm

This workshop will cover the basics of bird raising for eggs, meat or companionship and will be relevant for those just starting out and those who have experience but want to learn more. John’s approach to raising poultry is inspired by permaculture: allowing chickens to most fully express their chicken-ness while also being simple, relatively low-maintenance, and integrated within the rest of the garden.

Classes will be held on his homestead in Vashon; maximum 12 people.

Here’s where you can sign up!


duckWho is this guy?
For the past four years, John has run HomeGrown Organics, an edible landscaping company in Seattle. He is an experienced contractor with the City of Seattle’s RainWise program there, and has designed and built dozens of low-maintenance urban farms.

In 2016, he decided to open a new branch of HomeGrown Organics, this time focusing particularly on homesteads on Vashon Island. He now offers his services to his neighbors where together he hopes to help continue to build a resilient community, and enjoy a beautiful and productive relationship with their land.

A NW native, what drew him to this beautiful island was the vision of a life where his daughters could grow up a few steps from the woods and a stream, raising animals and growing tree crops while still being connected to a vibrant community.

He draws regular inspiration from the meadows, woods, creeks, and wetlands that he explores with his family, and he loves working with his fantastic team both at the Central District base and on projects on Vashon Island.


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