🍵The many uses of cleavers! (aka velcro plant, goosegrass, or catchweed)🌿

Galium aparine, also known as cleavers, velcro plant, catchweed, or bed straw (plus many other nicknames) is a common weed you may find growing in or around some of your shrubs or under your trees. You’re also likely to spot them clinging to your clothes after walking back to your car from a creek or a lake.

They are not only great to play tag with, or watch stick to your friend’s shirt after a toss at them; it is also one of the most effective diuretics and blood purifiers known in our weedscape!

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image courtesy of Wikipedia

The parts most used culinarily and medicinally are the aerial portions. The energy and flavors of this plant are bitter and cooling. Because of the cooling effect, it is a great external poultice for scalds and burns. Internally it can be consumed to lighten fevers, and the system organs effected most are the gallbladder and bladder.


cleavers from wiki Galium_aparine

image courtesy of Wikipedia

A tea can be taken 3 times a day (an hour before meals, if possible) to treat urinary tract infections, reproductive organ inflammations, cysts, psoriasis, skin diseases and symptoms, and hepatitis. For brewing fresh tea add one ounce fresh herb to one pint boiled water and steep. For dry herb add one tablespoon to one of pint boiled water and steep. For slow healing burns, scalds and skin irritations and eruptions, brew a potent tea, allow to cool and add to washcloth and apply to affected area and rest for an hour or more. For baths add up to one gallon of potent tea to bath and rest and soak. For potent tea, just double the dry or fresh measurements.


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image courtesy of celebrationherbals.com

So next time you’re in your garden, walking down the street or strolling back to your car after a cool dip, don’t just disregard the the weed clinging to your clothes or making a thick mat in your shrub. Play tag, watch your friend’s expression as you toss it and it sticks to their clothes, and look for ways to use it to heal your body!



image courtesy of traditionalmedicinals.com

Check out this list of 3 ways to use cleavers for spring cleansing! Cleavers offer us emotional healing by making us laugh and smile with games, but it also helps to relieve discomforts in and on our body that make us frown.💚

Make sure to “stick” around and visit us next month for our next wonderful weed!

Be happy
Be healthy
Be helpful


image courtesy of theherbalacademy.com

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