🌱Congregation Beth Shalom (rain)Garden Party!🌿


We are so excited to show you the new RainWise rain garden at Beth Shalom Synagogue! There was a wonderful dedication ceremony on May 19th where several congregation and community members were in attendance. The rain garden replaced a small section of lawn in the front of the synagogue under the shade of some beautiful maple trees.



Installed in a very prominent spot – across from the library, at a bus stop, on a heavily trafficked street means that this was a great opportunity to showcase rain gardens and raise awareness among the congregation and community.



We celebrated and listened to the presentation on Tikkun Olam Care of the Earth by the fabulous Deirdre Gabbay, who founded Ahavat v’Avodat HaAdamah. Translating to “Love and Service of the Earth,” this Jewish environmental organization for the Pacific Northwest is based here at Beth Shalom.  A lovely dedication by Senior Rabbi Jill Borodin followed as well as some words from awesome Rainwise representative Madeline and John Coghlan, our owner!






Five 530 gallon cisterns and one 205 gallon cistern were installed at Beth Shalom. Those plus the rain garden means that 5896 sq. ft. of roof were captured and that water will be diverted out of drains and prevent overflow during flooding!






And the strawberry lemonade, dessert and delicious tea sandwiches served for the event? Many of the ingredients came from their established veggie and fruit garden (which provides fresh food for a local food bank). Thank you so much for the wonderful tour!






The committee at Beth Shalom were a pleasure to work with and made this Big Roof Project possible.  They were eager to move things forward and made decisions quickly.  They also wanted plants in the rain garden that would benefit pollinators and be low-maintenance. The plants may be small now, but once they grow in they’re going to be so beautiful!

Flowers featured in the Beth Shalom rain garden include:
Coreopsis Zagreb
White daffodils
Viburnum mariesii
Mahonia repens
Red Creeping thyme

Please reach out to us today if you are interested in checking your eligibility for a RainWise garden or cistern rebate, or if you’re interested in having one installed independently!


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