Project Feature: Backyard Overhaul on Vashon Involving Future Plantings Space and Deer-Proof Fence

This client on Vashon was interested in a backyard overhaul that included a relaxing, low-maintenance garden space and lawn, additional room for planting perennials and fruit trees at their leisure, and a possibility of deer-proofing that didn’t feel like a prison. Lightweight metal gates were a great option, and we love how this project turned out!

BEFORE: This amazing back yard was gently tamed and soon transformed into a safe and functional garden space that is protected but not disruptive to local wildlife.


Some plants needed to be removed and the ground needed to be leveled out before installing an easy, low-maintenance lawn alternative for our client to surround the relaxing future garden space.


These stairs had aged poorly and fallen into disrepair, so we worked hard to make them safe and beautiful again!


AFTER: Follow us down the new stairs to enter through the low-profile, deer-proof metal gate that opens up into a protected backyard future paradise!


Check out that view! Now our client can observe nature from the comfort of their backyard without worrying about losing the vegetables and fruit they’ve worked so hard on. These garden beds can’t wait to be filled with plants and perennials that will provide a beautiful and edible bounty!


A view from the other side of the transformed yard space.


The deck will provide a great view of both the blooming garden and the nature beyond the maintained space. This fence and gate will keep the deer away from yummy plants, allowing nature to still exist peacefully nearby!



Have ideas or would like some guidance for ways to make your home and living space more usable? We’d love to help you realize your dreams! Contact us today for a consult. From complete redesigns to clean-ups, we love working with our clients on projects of many scales, always using permaculture-inspired and organic methods!

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