The word of the day is… community!🙌

Grow your heart as well as your garden when you have a strong community focus.
It has come to the attention of scientists, social psychologists, anthropologists, and many others all over the world just how much our positive interactions with others around us and our involvement with our social environment can affect our health and lives. Having a sense of purpose and belonging is just as important as a healthy diet and a space that allows for a person to bloom in addition to getting through life on a day-to-day basis.

Have you heard of GROW COMMUNITY?

Photos from @growbainbridge

Grow Community is a new urban One Planet neighborhood on Bainbridge Island, just a 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. With beautifully designed solar-powered homes, shared community gardens and clean transportation options, Grow allows all generations to enjoy a high-quality and healthy lifestyle.

Strongly encouraging open spaces, and focusing on health and sustainability, these communities and homes are designed for intergenerational living. This is a concept that is currently being focused on in Denmark, Norway, Canada, and now the US. Sixty percent of homes with Grow Community are accessible to amenities like shops and restaurants, allowing residents to be independent by only needing to travel a few blocks. Mindfulness, a lighter carbon footprint, and the capability to focus on your needs and desired lifestyle are made possible by conscientious design that plans for the future while still encouraging growth and the pursuit of happiness.


According to this PBS article,

“Groups in Denmark and the U.S. are choosing to live in intentionally intergenerational communities, which emerged to strengthen social ties between aging seniors and their younger counterparts who are balancing work and family. People living in them say the model fosters an interdependent environment and helps everyone feel more comfortable with the process of getting older…”

One community, 45 minutes outside Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen, is made up of a range of singles, couples, retirees, and families with children. Every family has privacy in a home with its own bedrooms, baths, and kitchen.

Read more about the The Sættedammen community here! Established 1972, it is the world’s first cohousing community.


How are you contributing to your community and your own personal well-being as the seasons change this year? Consider volunteering at of the many organizations in your city. Your life will be enriched as well as the lives of those you meet, and volunteer work is a wonderful way to keep your perspective objective while making the world a better place.

Here is a great list of volunteer opportunities in Seattle. Even if you’re unable to commit time to a volunteer organization, spreading joy and kindness on a day-to-day basis is still a huge contribution to your community. As the stress of the holiday seasons tries to creep in, we’ll all make it by smiling, loving, and laughing together!🌲🍂💚


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