Tree Speak


Did you know that trees can essentially talk to each other?

By utilizing mycorrhizal networks, ecosystems become communication webs and can send signals regarding danger and needed nutrients through chemical, hormonal and slow-pulsing electrical signals.

They might be just as slow in communication as Treebeard in Lord of the Rings, but on a real level, it’s actually happening! This wonderfully illustrative Smithsonian Mag article details Peter Wohlleben’s research in this field in Western Germany’s forests.

Discoveries like these make us ever more aware of how important and delicate our environment truly is. Think today about ways you can be more conscientious, whether it’s checking out organic or no-till methods and how to keep the soil network in your yard rich and full of healthy life, or simply tossing that piece of trash you keep passing on your way home that no one is seeming to remember to grab.

Check out the video below by Project Earth for a great visual breakdown of the process!




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